Mutant anatomy and Storage

Alright I’m going slightly stir crazy here. I had the misfortune of randomly getting insect legs from a mutation and oohhhhhhhhhhh boy is it frustrating. All backpacks, all vests, all jackets, duffelbags, everything so far but a huge encumbrance meh volume makeshift sling I can’t wear at all. Especially while trying to loot a lab relying on suitcases is turning out to be far too dangerous after I opened a door to a melee range shockerbrute and only got saved by a broken cyborg distraction after nearly losing both arms just unequiping things. Need my hands free for weapons but can’t find any way to get storage without clogging them up.

Please is there any bags I can actually wear besides the sling?

Survivor rucksack is a choice.

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Does it support mutant anatomy? Wiki doesn’t seem to specify. I’ll try to figure out what books I need to skill for it though and take a look.

    "id": "survivor_rucksack",
    "type": "ARMOR",
    "name": "survivor rucksack",
    "description": "A custom-built heavy backpack.  Durable and carefully crafted to hold as much stuff as possible.",
    "weight": 800,
    "volume": 20,
    "price": 24000,
    "material": [ "leather", "cotton" ],
    "symbol": "[",
    "color": "dark_gray",
    "covers": [ "TORSO" ],
    "coverage": 40,
    "encumbrance": 18,
    "storage": 100,
    "material_thickness": 2,

It has “OVERSIZE” flag, so it can.

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Oh thank god, I was starting to get worried there wasn’t going to be a solution after everything I made or found wouldn’t go on. Much appreciated.

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Cut your legs off, maybe eat em or something like that.

They actually went away for a little bit during my search for duct tape. They stayed away just long enough for me to dufflebag to the very bottom of a lab when they popped back on during an autodoc surgery. I had to build a bunch of sheets out of dismantled blankets and double makeshift sling the most important stuff back out of the icy lab. Thank god I finally got the duct tape to build the survivor bag.

Amputation should totally be an option though.

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