Bug with Cured Pelt recipe in build 9374

The recipe for cured pelts for some reason required 50 raw pelts and only yields a single cured pelt. This bug has apparently been around since around build 8500, which is ridiculous. Please fix this, as it completely breaks hunting and crafting with fur, pelts and leather.

…That’s a BUG? I always assumed that was just what it took to make one cured pelt. :0 Dang.

I always found it weird, but sinces its stataed that you need 50 to make it i thought it was the recipe, and dont forget that if you kill a big enough animal, you get many pelts/hide

You can try fixing it by yourself if you want it fixed that bad.

It is not a bug, just the implementation of a feature that didn’t thought of all the consequences it might have.

Each raw pelt weights 0,02kg and has a volume of 0,03L.
Fifty raw pelts has a weight of 1kg and a volume of 1,5L. After cleaning it and removing the bits and pieces attached to it, and rolling it up, you get with those 50 raw pelts a single cured hide that weights 0,6kg and has a volume of 0,75.

The real problem is that the raw pelts spoil fairly quickly, and you are nearly guaranteed to not get the 50 hides. My character has been getting only 48 hides from a full deer, which is silly, since the amount of waste is huge.

A possible solution would be also making the cured hides granular, and only transferring from the granular system into one big item in the tanning process, so you don’t lose all the raw hides and pelts. Since you won’t lose the cured items, you can accumulate enough to make the big tanned leather. I might open a PR in a few days.

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Yeah, I understand the change and was pretty excited at first since it meant we could essentially make a patchwork hide from smaller animals, but you’re correct in that nothing in the game seems to yield nearly enough hide, and I still haven’t gotten hide from anything smaller than a dog, and they rot too fast to store up 50 for curing, as you pointed out.

Yeah, I opened a PR that mitigates the issue. The recipe that uses salt is very spammy, when crafted though, because there is no real way to scale the salt consumption to the same scale, so maybe there are better solutions…

Maybe you can just have specific animal pelts, like in Unreal World. Just have each animal drop their own pelt and have the total weight/size change based off a percentage multiplier based on skill, tools used, and a random number to account for different sized animals.

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Yeah, I agree. I believe the Unreal World system would be the one to aim for. I personally can’t implement it, but if someone could it would be pretty good, while being very realistic in all fronts.

Unreal world type system could work, though I would suggest it all tans into leather and fur of a homogeneous sort. I think it would be a pain to have a recipe list that accounts for every leather in the game, especially since we can’t mix and match

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Absolutely, it needs some adaptation. But I think a great example was the addition of the food nutrients being based on the actual ingredients used. It has UI issues, but it is a great addition that at first look wouldn’t be possible with the recipes based system cata uses.