Food bug cataclysmdda-0.A-2265

So whenever I pick up food that has the (fresh) tag on it immediately turns rotten in my inventory.

It’s one of the most resistant bugs out there. It was “fixed” like, 3 times.
Does it only occur with stuff you take out of the refrigerator?

I’ve had this happen to me as well. I’ll keep an eye out for more specifics.

any kind of food thats (fresh) xD doesnt matter where

I was testing the Naturalist profession and butchered a few critters. Chunks of meat & fat that resulted were fresh, and upon picking them up and carrying to base, they stayed fresh as I’d expect.

Additional testing: same result from grabbing all the perishables I could find in a grocery store. Fresh and still shows fresh. Ate an instasalad and it was OK, no rotten warning or anything.

So we’re gonna need more detail on this one. What sort of starting season, etc are you running, and have you progressed onto different overmaps, etc?

Otherwise, can’t replicate in latest experimental.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that BevapDin fixed this finally when this was merged in.

I just had this happen using the 9edc0ef version experimental. Should I upload the world somewhere?

What starting scenario are you picking?

Lab, winter, 91 days. I figure that’s what the issue is.

Starting not in spring causes all the food you find (unless it’s non-perishable) to be rotten, sorry.

Right. But it’s still displaying /as/ fresh until I pick it up.