Sticks and Stones - Slingshot Science

I’m not a .json master. I’m not even a .json apprentice. I’ve only just started learning how they work.

But I think that one of the things this game is missing most sorely, is muscle-powered weaponry.
I know there are bows, and slingshots, but honestly I find the selection a little…sparse for the type of rubber-powered undead slaughter I’m looking for.

And for inspiration, one need look no further than Joerg Sprave, the slingshot guru.

I’m guessing a lot of you survivors know this guy already, but for those who don’t, this man is a magnificent machine god of rubber and wood that can turn basically any household object into weaponry.
So my question is not if his stuff can be modded in, but whether or not anyone’s tried this already, and whether anyone has any input as to how to figure out the exact figures of using steel ball bearings that can punch through watermelons and solid wood. Not to mention the ones that shoot bloody arrows, knives, and toilet brushes fast enough to kill a man.