Boulder tossing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do something with boulders other than break them down for rocks? How much strength would you need to pick up and throw the boulders in the game, I wonder. 20+? Hydraulic muscles required? And how much damage would they possibly do?

If not chuck then at least let the people use them as a bowling ball against a crowd of zombies. I’d also love to load them into siege weapons but the interactable distances in this game is a little short for that.

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Would be interesting to have it work from the opposite direction, and have brutes, hulks, and other strong zombies start ripping up boulders and throwing them at you.


I always assumed the boulders were like this:

100% behind that.
Maybe have each time able to throw different things.
Zombie Hulks + Failed Bioweapons being able to throw some of the biggest objects, like lockers, boulders, shelves, and tables.
Zombie brutes being able to throw things like corpses and other med-large objects nearby.
and tough zombies being able to toss basic items, seeing as quite a few are sporting sporting gear as is.

idk how it would be to code that (Probably a nightmare), but it seems like it would be really awesome.

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I’m not in disagreement, with enough biotics, mutations, and min-maxing, you should be able to pick up and toss most things without issues. Like… My character can carry around 168kg of items, even more with hydraulic muscles enabled. He should be able to chuck quick a few things without issue.
Maybe not all boulders, because let’s be honest, we need more rocks in the world in genera, but it would make a nice dynamic for god characters.