Better Slingshots

I got this idea after playing a few runs with Slings and Slingshots.
I checked the Item Browser, and there are currently 3 Sling-type weapons. All of them shoot Pebbles (or applicable substitutes).
There’s also a neat crossbow that shoots Pebbles.

Naturally, I’m curious about what kind of improvised weaponry that spawn from Slingshots.
I found a thing called a Sling-bow. Its a Slingshot with a Arrow Rest that allows you to draw and shoot Arrows.

Then i found a guy named JoergSprave on Youtube, who makes crazy improvised weapons. from Pressurized Pop Bottles that shoot Arrows, to Crossbows that shoot full size Machetes.
Cant help but feel that CDDA needs more content for the insane weapons scientist in all of us.

Something tells me that you’d probably have a better time giving the machete a good toss instead of slingshotting it. Or just using javelins.