A crossbow with a rubber hose as it's string is a slingshot

Well, technically a speargun. The crossbow in the game uses “rubber hose” to craft when a real crossbow derives it’s power from it’s arms in the same way a bow does. It should basically be the same recipe as the bow with some extra wood for the stock.

Additionally, i’d like to point out that someone messed up arrows and bolts by giving them 0 range in 0.5 and placing their usual range in the weapon’s range modifier. Although i guess whoever did this did so because these ammunitions receive their range from the weapon that fires them, this messes with the way the game usually works by doing things like making it impossible to fire crossbow bolts from rail mounted crossbows on guns.

More importantly!
Repeating Crossbows when?

I had forgotten to make a thread related to this.

Where the hell do you buy a crossbow that uses a rubber hose instead of a cable or string?

At the back of a trailer park

There are rail mounted crossbows? sigh Best get to fixing that, then.

Not really that bad of an idea.

Although, I’d love to see something like Sam Fisher’s M203 (I’m fairly certain) launcher that you could load with noisemakers, shockers and various other useful items.

Probably only if you wish for it or mod it into your game. I’ve never found one.

I bought one from an NPC back in 02Feb. Probably not common in the spawning tables.

I found one in a gun store once, but I didn’t survive long enough to try it out.