Long term use ever so slowly builds strength (every day for a month gives +1 strength?), causes mood swings and long term use permanent depression from a shrunken cock! hahaha


too close to a soft nerve?

Actually, yeah, I like the sound of this. Straight-up +1 STR from just taking them for a month might be a bit much, but then again, a month of your morale tipping up and down might balance it out. Especially now that morale directly affects skill growth.

yeah maybe longer than a month, but it comes with severe mood penalties the longer you keep it up. either way it’s not quick cheat to get strong, takes long term dedication with serious emotional issues (serious emotional issues lol) “-100 roid rage” rofl

Better hope the syringe you found on that one dead drug dealer is clean.

Taking a pill every single day for the smallest possible stat bonus to the most easily raised stat is really bad.

Why so? (and how do you raise strength as is? serious question)

New skill like body building perhaps? (Seriously survivors need to lift weights as they are scrawny with weight limits of a skinny teenager) affects carry weight and some additional hp and a new trait that gives more carry-weight. (Assuming your a pack rat/hoarder…)

No, I just don’t want infinite stat increases.

fair enough point, set an upper limit of perhaps 3?

Steroid abuse has serious consequences.

Mainly heart failure, your heart can’t pump enough blood to the new muscle and you get KOed and die.

I’ve always thought that a most (sad) ironic fate, a body so bound with muscles your heart is too weak to use them.
Mental picture of a hulk like figure having to be pushed around in a wheel chair cause the exertion of moving would kill him.

Maybe very rare spawn, with each steroid pill you get more strong, with severe penalties on mostly everything and a chance of death when running/fighting too much. There we gop, my suggestion, probably no one will give two looks at it

IMO, attributes should be made to work closer to skills. That is, they need to be more fluid outside of flat bonuses gained through mutations/cybernetics.

This may not be the way to do it, though.

I’m not sure if that sort of thing is possible, atleast as far as I know. I mean, drugs give a pretty much instant gratification behind the scenes in this game, in regards to their effects.
Of course, I may be completely wrong and someone with better knowledge of the source code may be able to point both of us in the right direction. I’d be pleased to be able to add steroids to the mod I’m making.

Your sense of humor offends me and gives me the urge to vomit profusely.

What’s the downside if a dongless character uses this?

Mainly Hydraulic Muscles, a bionic that gives you +20 strength for pretty much any purpose except health and long-term carry capacity, but you can also take booze or meth, and +strength is one of the relatively common mutations. Also, remembering to take pills isn’t a fun obligation.

Strength would probably be okay if you couldn’t get it for free, and if dex/per weren’t so good at increasing damage output.

Your sense of humor offends me and gives me the urge to vomit profusely.

What’s the downside if a dongless character uses this?[/quote]

Well fuck you (There goes my sense of humor again)

If you got a clit then it starts to grow large long and droop (or there abouts).
Either way dont take steroids unless you got asthma

Goodness what a horrible fate. o: