We have all kinds of illegal drugs in the game. But not steroids. Why not?

I know normally steroids are a use a lot of them and over time you grow stronger than your genetic potential, but for game purposes we could make them give you a small str boost. (if used with one shot). And a larger str boost if used multiple times in a row, but then with a big metabolic crash penalty later.

Just a small suggestion. Using the forum as an idea dump.

Yeah, it’s an idea. Not sure how to model the health losses from long-term use, since ST currently determines HP as well.

(HUGE currently finagles it by docking max HP after recalculating. That’ll break if anything else recalcs HP before you get HUGE_OK. I don’t have a better solution, or at least not without massive infrastructure work that wold cause more problems than it’s worth, though.)

Aside from that side-effect problem, yeah, could be interesting.

In general the drugs have basically nothing to do with their real-world counterparts.
This bugs the crap out of me.
If you want a scifi-like temporary strength-boosing drug, just call it a “stimpack” and stick it in with the other scifi items.
If you want something that over time enhances healing rate and has moderate-to-severe side effects with long-term use, it needs to wait for some kind of system for long-term injury and healing.

Steroids are already in the game. They’re called “Alpha Serum”.

*note to self: Add male gynecomastia to list of alpha serum possible mutations… Bob had bitch-tits.

Steroids and other long term drugs could possibly use a disease framework?

I know some of those can last pretty long if things don’t go your way (then again, might get odd issues like breather masks cutting into your ‘gains’.)

I like the steroids idea - and no, they are not alpha serum.

Actually, a lot of steroids are not that dangerous, and the bad health effects only happen with steroid overuse. But I’m okay at making the effects bad for game balance. :smiley:

I want a long lasting cocaine substitute first.

[quote=“Kevin Granade, post:3, topic:4989”]In general the drugs have basically nothing to do with their real-world counterparts.
This bugs the crap out of me.[/quote]
I’m pretty sure I’m gonna look into a drug/addiction/health system rewrite once my laptop gets finished being repaired, which should help ease that annoyance. :stuck_out_tongue: