Steam Greenlight Idea

Hear me out before you kill me… Been watching a bunch of Steam Greenlight Videos/Early Access Videos and most of these games are just garbage. Shower Simulator, Grass Simulator, some $50 Post Apocalyptic game that only has 5 rooms, etc… It costs $100 to put this up for a vote. This is the sale.

Game is free and always will be. We are putting it in steam so if you like it gives us a $5 tip. The game can also go in the demo. It only takes 27(steam takes 30% I think) people to earn back the $100. It also increases publicity. There have been a lot of Lets Plays for Cataclysm, but the most well known Lets Play people focus on steam etc. Jim Sterling does a lot of Early Access games. Most are complete garbage. I think one that is and always will be free, but if you like it give us a $5 tip and buy it in steam.

Just uploaded the stable release version, but include a link to the game site on the main page so people can get the daily builds.

There is so much complete trash on steam now. This is game is so much better than most of these things. I have to admit I dont know if there are alot of rules with getting a game on Steam. So if there is this could be a bad idea. I dont think it will take much to get the $100 back and I think it should easily get voted on if you say straight up, its free, we just want a place to get a tip. Link to the site, link to the source code. Who else does that on steam?

Fine, you do it.

Steam sucks.

What about putting the estables on Itch.lo for extra coverage? I fully support I guess i just love indie stuff.

Feel free :slight_smile:

I’d rather folks came to the official site to get it, so they’re more likely to consider joining our forums, but yeah go right ahead!

-who will code that cool idea?

-who will code that cool idea?
Pretty much. None of the current developers really see a need for it, and many of them are anti-steam altogether, a trait that carries over to a significant portion of the old-school rouge like community actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is suggested with such frequency that it should probably be mentioned in that thread.

had a hunch you guys wouldn’t like it… I think it could generate a few thousand dollars that could be used for bounties.
As far as coming to this site… the idea I had was link to the site. Say ‘go download it here’ if you like it pay us $5. No one else on steam does that. I think that alone could get some of the more well known game reviewers to review the game and say positive things about it.

why do you guys hate steam? I was watching quite a bit of Jim Sterlings Greenlight/Early Access videos. These games are trash. He kills them. The videos are NSFW and really funny. I mainly buy from GOG myself due to lack of DRM.

I’m not anti-steam at all, but I am sorta anti-greenlight. The crazy thing is that I disagree because you are correct; Greenlight IS mostly full of crap, to the point that I almost immediately think negatively of a game JUST because it is on Greenlight.

That method of funding usually reflects poorly on ‘game developers’ as being nothing more than a bunch of ‘grab the money and run’ style devs who want to milk the audience while promising the moon and then either disapearing into the ether or delivering the digital equivalent of a collapsed pie with overbaked crust months or even years later.

Even worse the funding audience has likely lost all their hype or will to care and can’t even appreciate the game if it has somehow delivered on it’s promises by the time it releases.

Sadly, I also think that our game simply isn’t suited to be well portrayed in a Let’s Play, no matter WHO was the presenter. Most of that audience watching greenlight Let’s Plays are looking for fantastic or hilarious buggy shenanigans, while we have a a screen full of shifting matrix letters (or some old 16 bit durp graphics if you happen to be a ‘filthy graphics casual’.) There’s a lot of prep time and waiting and reading involved in Cataclysm and even in the realm of detail or ‘whacky shennanigans’ a lone survivor can’t beat out the entertainment value of say, a 40 pop Dwarf Fortress.

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Blame it on autocorrect. :stuck_out_tongue: