A few honest suggestions

  1. Greenlight it. It’s not only me, there’s a load of people who’d love to play the game over steam, and possibly earn achievements, badges.

  2. Cautarizing wounds with Alcohol. Not all alcohol, only the strongest, like Whiskey and Vodka, and brandy.

  3. Tin can usage - in traps, alarm traps.

I hope you take my suggestions seriously.
C&C, and add your own.

  1. Makeshift cantine. Made out of tincans.

  2. Mixing juices/drinks.

There’ll be more tomorrow.

  1. Steam is huge, and only a small portion of steam will look at it, a smaller portion would upvote it, and an even smaller portion would actually play the game.

  2. Sure.

  3. Sure.

  4. Eh, not really.

  5. Sure.



Alcohol wouldn’t be much of a method of cauterizing a wound, but it would be useful for sterilization.

So many reasons no, here’re a few of the biggest.

  1. I don’t think a greenlight campaign would have a remote chance of success.
  2. I’m not at all sure the licensing stuff is compatible.
  3. Due to limited dev time, a steam greenlight campaign would basically halt development on the game for months.
  4. I hate steam.

Reasonable, we could just overload the “strong alchohol” method to pop up a menu asking to drink it or sterilize your deep wounds if you have any.
Not technically cauterization, but it’d work similarly by spending time and getting a lot of pain for a chance to prevent infection.

That’s actually a really good idea.

a little welding, sure, that would work.

I’m not sure what you mean, if it’s juice-based recipes sure, if you mean some kind of system where you can mix arbitrary drinks together to get other drinks, probably not. I wouldn’t be against it, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort that would be required.

Well I am happy to see people actually liked some of my ideas!

Thank you for your time.

Also, how about Lighting up a fire with glasses. I used to do that when I was small, with my glasses. Just put up a bunch of wood and leaves ontop, maybe some dry hay, and then use your glasses so that the sun is concentrated on one point, thus igniting the dry leaves and grass. This wouldn’t be possible if your Dexterity is under 10, A day after it rained, with traits like High Adrenaline and Jittery.

Kevin, you could use a soldering iron if tin cans are tin in this one.