Staying in the inventory screen

How can I perform multiple actions in the inventory screen without being dropped back into the main play screen each time?

For example, if I want to drop something then wear something I have to go back in each time, or if I want to eat several things then activate something, again I am forced to go back in to the inventory menu and perform each action separately whether it be a repeating action or some other inventory related action.

Am I missing something, doing something wrong, or does this need to be a feature request?


I’ll assume you’re a newer player.

All of the options from the 'i’nventory screen have been added in a sense just recently. For quicker use of things, you can easily go with the old shortcuts, such as -

"T"ake off (clothing)
etc., I haven’t played Cata in a while, but you get the idea.

This speeds up things quickly, though not leaving the inventory screen might also be a needed option, since more actions will probably get added in the game.

Most actions from the inventory screen take ingame time as well, so you have to be dropped out of the inventory screen for those.

I know what he means, and I agree.

You want to eat three candy bars? ‘E’ then the letter for the bar, pop back out of the inventory screen; ‘E’ then the blah blah blah. It does get sort of annoying.

Maybe the answer is to have an always open INV window or section of the screen (which could be toggled on and off in the Options)? I know I’ve seen other roguelikes with multiple windows. I have no coding experience so I have no idea how or if this could be done.

E is for eat.

Ooooook. Now that that’s cleared up…

I still think a second window for INV or a small part of screen realestate set aside for it would be neat to have, even as a toggle.

The minus key “-” allows you to recraft the same thing you previously crafted. It helps when crafting multiple things in a row.

It would be cool if there was a “repeat” action for eating/drinking.

I don’t see the repeat key for eating/drinking being much use. Few foods have more then 2-4 charges and then you have to pick what you want to eat or drink again. Does solve the repeat three times example given but I don’t see it being as useful as the repeating crafting key would be.

Maybe a drink/eat until full prompt when consuming anything with more then 1 charge?