Repeat Last Action

Hello - great game, really gotten hooked on it. Suffered many deaths but have a char or two struggling to eke out a pathetic existence holed up in caves and insane science labs. Anyhoo-

I’d like to see the addition of a “Repeat your last action” hotkey.

For example I was using a sewing kit on bits of clothing I had picked up, just to skill up my tailoring.
To do this I needed to open inventory, select the kit, activate it, and select the item in question
I believe I could hotkey the kit itself directly, cutting the actions down to three (select kit, activate, select item)
But it is still a lot of actions to repeat each time, especially when the two objects are uppercased
If the last “complex” command could be repeated, as long as all applicable targets still exist / have charges
This would greatly alleviate some of the UI interactions for me.
Other examples would be reading books, using crowbar on a stubborn door, firing at a locked or stationary target, filling several bottles with water, etc

I think they’ve already made a “Recraft last recipe” option as of 0.3, but I guess it doesn’t address all of what you’re concerned with.

For now you could try assigning lower-case letters to specific items to make life easier. IE assign “c” to your crowbar so you can press "a"ctivate item, pick the "c"rowbar, and then pick the appropriate direction. It all takes 2-3 seconds really. Same thing with the sewing kit.

For reading, I suggest you assign the book you’re reading to “R” (shift+r/capital r if i’m not being clear) so you can just keep pressing “R” until your char’s eyes bleed from all the reading.

Don’t forget that you can activate wielded items with “A”. That cuts down that number of actions to 2.