We Could Use A Repeat Action Interaction

Ironically, while I typically do not need to use the “repeat last action” action to be found in many roguelikes, Cataclysm is a game which currently lacks this functionality and actually has quite a few instances where repeating the last action is necessary:

[ul][]Picking locks.
]Foraging for while vegetables.
[*]Smashing things that require several turns to break down.[/ul]

Some those are a)ctivate, select inventory item (possibly capital), select direction. Foraging is examine direction, capital Y. Individually, not so bad, but a bit of a bother to do dozens of times in a row.

So it is my thought that “repeat crafting” should probably evolve into a full-on “repeat last action” button. (Unless that command already is the game and my repeated skimming of the key bindings somehow missed it.)

Although, on second thought, “Repeat Last Crafting” should probably still remain a distinct command because it’s handy to intersperse other moves (such as grabbing an empty bottle) between crafting moves.

Unreal world has a system like this, its really useful especially for actions that requires you to dive deep into the menu to do them.

Repeat crafting is easy to add in, but repeat last action is slightly harder.

I thought about the problem before, and I feel that other actions takes only 1 or 2, or max 3 keystroke to get to, which in my opinion is not that bad. I usually put my crowbar in the key “P” so i can do aP direction. Crafting requires more keystroke, especially those recipe that are hidden deep in the list, which is why repeat crafting was added. A search function is already added for crafting to make this easy.

If there is any thing that requires a lot of keystroke and is not covered , put it down and I might be able to add it :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of simply repeat action, how about adding a macro option? You press the macro button, press the keycombo, and stop the macro. For example, craft clean water: you configure the macro for cleaning water, and then set it to execute 10 times. Programming wise, it looks easier than a “press and repeat” system (don’t know why, thought).

That would be something like what dwarf fortress have. Unlike dwarf fortress, I can’t see what this can be used for =/

As far as I can see and understand from the code, this feature is quite hard to add in ._.