A way to [E]at or [a]pply multiple (#) items at once

Just as already exists for picking up and dropping multiple items. This one small feature would streamline many aspects of gameplay. For examples;

(E)>(#)>(2 or more)>(food) to eat two of one food or drink and get the max morale bonus and/or eat until full and the normal “You won’t be able to finish it all” dialogue appears.

(a)>(#)>(2 or more)>(medical supplies) to streamline first-aid actions, automatically stopping at full HP, should work on NPC companions as well.

(E)>(#)>(2 or more)>(two-by-fours) to greatly streamline the process of feeding your Internal Furnace Bionic, automatically stopping at full Bionic Power (currently incredibly tedious).

How about a “reuse last item” button? It would be convenient both for eating food from the floor and reading novels.

I bind 0 to ‘eat’, so I can stand by my smoked meat pile and hold down 0, and bind a to waterskin, so I can hold down a until slaked.

also be good option for search item in inventory
(E)>(/)type name>(#)>(2 or more)>

(/) i think need to include into cursor-keys processing inventory-operational procedure.
it give us ability to faster search anywhere, where we need to search something by pushing the cursor-keys
anywhere - ^8 ^7(&7 - oops this menu yet have this ability), E, R, t, U, i, a - in many places need this

also need (?) in theese windows - for remind - what is we are point to eat or to use or drop somewhat other.

final it will be seen as
(E)>(/)type item name substring>(?)> esc>(2 or more)>

at one point coolthulu wanted to make the tedium of binge eating necco wafers and water simpler, but then it never happened.

a ‘repeat last consumption’ button for all us hardcore auto mech and readers and tailors

well if repeat last = repeat last do = if we go then repeat last step
if we eat - repeat last eat
#repeat last %all what CAN BE repeated% - it is will be very good choice.

Technical difficulties due to disagreements over technical matters, mostly.

I still want it in somehow, but I’ll need to do it with stupid hacks and after 0.D.

If this gets applied I would like to propose a way to change modes between multiple eating and single eating, as I like the actual method quite a bit.
Btw, what about bonuses eating that way if you also eat a condiment at the same time? Instead of, yknow, chugging that mayo alone.

No bonuses for condiments. That would be too weird crammed in multi-eat.

I see it like this:
One menu for single-eat and multi-eat
Eating becomes a long action
Eating becomes like dropping - select things to eat (order matters), press enter
Pressing enter would always start eating. If nothing is selected, it would eat what is under cursor, otherwise the queue.
Pressing number+letter would act like with multidrop
Pressing inventory letter without number first… I’m not sure what to do here. If it was insta-eat, that would work fine if nothing was selected, but if something earlier was selected we can either add one to queue and eat all or clear queue, add one, then eat only that one. If it was never insta-eat, the old eat-one behavior would be out and eating would always need to be confirmed, like dropping.

Damn. I was hoping to finally have a good reason to use them.
That’s all fine until you say inventory key. What do you mean by that? Like, when you press right in the menu? Genuinely asking.

First 70-some items get symbols assigned to them. For example, you can press ‘e’->‘a’ to eat item with ‘a’ letter (typically your underwear, so it’s unlikely you will succeed).
‘a’ is the inventory letter for the item you see when pressing ‘i’ and then ‘a’ in inventory.

what-if use one form-procedure for all operations?
Eat or some other - i mean I-form, but modded with filter. with filter and maybe searching.
one subroutine for many deals.
on keypressed(E) call Inventory (filter=Eatable)
on keypressed(w) call Inventory (filter=wieldable)
on keypressed(A) call Inventory (filter=activateable)
on keypressed(i) call Inventory (filter=none)
and get SAME functional for All of the operations.

it will fast of the developing.
BUT - in the Wield-form i get functional of usual Inventory screen, i.e. i may recall what is the weapon i want to wield
when i want to Eat some - i will see first, maybe this thing i not eat right now, but use it in krafting, maybe, and will eat some other?

this may be when i cleaned up some trade centers and my bag is full of many small food or semi-fabricates and to find exact food is most conveniently from exactly Eat-form which sort all non-food items, rather than Inventory-form.