Mass inventory dropping, item locking and a couple other things

Some suggestions:

  1. It would be nice if we could lock certain items in our inventory or adv inventory screen and press something like ‘,’ to select all on the drop screen to dump everything that is not locked. Too many times do I forget to leave some stuff at my house, but it’s very tedious to hand pick a few items out of 15-20 items I always want to carry around with me.
    2, I think category dumping/selecting would work well, too. Maybe if you were in category mode, you could right arrow to select everything in a certain category…like easily dumping all my food in the fridge. Once you get so many items that there are no more letters, manually scrolling down to each item is very slow.
  2. Listing the weight and volume in another column on the main inventory screen like the advanced inventory screen would also be help. Even showing detailed views of the items in the inventory so you don’t have to examine them individually.
  3. If the screens could remember where you cursor was, that would help. Trying to craft food and constantly getting put back in the weapons list can get tedious. I realize there is a repeat craft button, but say I am crafting 10 different types of food.

Sounds like good ideas.