Stay warm, stay dry, stay safe package!

~~~ MERGED ~~~

A small number of new clothing types to protect you from the elements:

long-sleeved shirt - same material as a tshirt, but with sleeves
arm warmers - light, comfortable, and warm
leg warmers - basically the same as the arm warmers
long underwear top - to match the current bottom piece
tights - to match the current under armor
union suit - which is both long underwear types in one convenient item
rain hood - to keep your head dry in bad weather

And one simple craftable-only item to protect you from danger:

armored fingerless gloves - requires very little resources, adds a little more protection


When are we can we expect a Rivet pack?

What exactly would that be?

Rivet, cranking out some amazing stuffs. You have my internet cookie.

I still want a leather hood to go with my light survival suit, and walk around in the ruins of the town I accidentally burned down.

Well you can get/make a rain hood now, so how’s that?

Pretend it’s leather maybe?

Well, I’m still questioning why that there’s not a regular long sleeved shirt. I mean come on, its New England. 99.9% of people there have about two long sleeved shirts in their closets.

What kind do you mean? There’s quite a few long sleeved shirts in the game already.

…Actually I don’t think there are any spring/fall long-sleeve shirts. There’s lots of jackets, and a lot of sleeveless shirts, but I don’t think there are any long-sleeve light shirts. A few Sweaters/Sweatshirts but yeah

There are jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters, but no simple long sleeved shirts, like this.

Big pic, be warned.

The shirt should also have a function to roll up the sleeves.



*Commences epic break dance

Rivet, you’re my god.

That may be a bit much, but thank you nonetheless!

I just try see what’s missing from the game and add it in. Most of my stuff isn’t particularly clever, it’s just expanding on what we have and filling in anything that’s obviously lacking.

Oh and I like to keep an eye on IRC, too. I see lots of folks in there suggesting fun stuff.

Doesn’t under armor make long underwear top redundant?

Under armor is 20 warmth, torso only.

Long underwear top is 30 warmth, torso and arms.

Ah, OK. I hadn’t realized under armor was torso only, I have a couple shirts with the brand “under armor” here and they’re both long sleeved v-necks made of some kind of technical fiber. I just assumed the one in the game was the same, without checking stats.