Is there any way to stave off the “Wet” morale penalty besides rain coats?

I figure at this point we have temperature penalties so getting wet should affect that instead of morale.

What’s wrong with having some coffee and candy for about a half an hour, just to dry the clothes?

You don’t necessarily need a rain coat. I’m unsure as to how the game calculates whether you’re rainproof or not (environmental protection maybe?), but I find wearing under armor and a trenchcoat keeps me from suffering morale penalties from being wet.

i’ve always suffered from the penalty even with a rain coat. I just don’t go out. F- the outside, I can poach druids from my windows damnit.

I believe the requirement for protection from rain is something like wearing a piece of clothing on your torso with a warmth of 70 and for drizzles it’s like 40.

I was under the impression it was 35 warmth on the torso, but devs said otherwise awhile ago iirc.