Stats Through kills mod not working?

I tried out the mod that give XP for killing things. Spoiler alert, it doesn’t work. I’ve killed a small handful of zombies by guns and melee and I still need 300 XP for my first bonus point. I’m using build 9529.

Is it possible to change which mods are included in a world without starting a new character? I’m guessing not, but I would love to change to the Stats for Skills mod instead (which does work).

Go to save directory, make backup of your world (just in case), go to world directory, open mods.json with editor of your choice (simple notepad on windows will do), change the line StatsThroughKills or whatever it’s called there to StatsThroughSkills. Should work. Maybe you get some errors on save load, that you can skip, maybe even no errors. But your save should be playable, and rather bug free when it comes to the core game.

Cool! Finger’s crossed, here goes.

[EDIT] It worked just fine. :slight_smile: