Stats Through Kills LUA Mod

Originally found on japanese wiki in a broken state. Translated with google translate, fixed so it worked, and added some features.

On creating a character, it will open a configuration menu. First pick if you want your stat points to be chosen at random, chosen by you, or assigned equally to all stats.

If you decide you want to pick, it will then ask you for anti-oops settings – this is to prevent you from accidentally assigning your stats, such as if you are holding 2 when it opens the menu. It is recommended to set it to at least 2, as it has been set to never pick the same number that you picked on the next run.

Afterwards, you will get a menu showing an example of how many kills you need for the first five stat points. From this screen, you can choose to open menus to set the initial kills per stat and the additional per stat. Initial kills cannot go below 1, but additional can be set to 0 if desired for a flat X kills per stat increase, instead of an ever-increasing number of kills. Once you close this menu, you cannot return back to it without save editing, so make sure you are happy with your choice before you hit done.

To add to an existing world, edit mods.json and include “StatsThroughKills” at the end, making sure the entry before it has a comma at the end. The first time the script fires it will open the configuration menu, and then it will consider all your kills so far and determine if it needs to give you additional stats or not.

Get it on github


Sounds like a fun mod. Maybe you can allow it to only count for species of human or zombie?

Some kind of ‘soul caliber’?

Sounds interesting. I’ll give it a try, thanks.

In theory it is possible to set it to be based on monster stats, or only certain types of monsters, but currently I do not feel like figuring out how to do so. If anyone else wants to try modifying it, feel free, and if you figure out how I don’t mind linking it up in the first post so people can use that instead of my version. Ideally, I would like to have it so that it automatically calculated a value based on monster hp and combat stats, and might end up changing it to work that way later if I get enough motivation to find out how to do so.

I get a message that says missing dependencies (dda) when I try to create a new world with this mod. Is there another mod I need to add or something?

Never mind I needed to use the launcher and update my game :smiley:

Does it work retroactively? Because I have over 25,000 kills and it’d be a shame to make them go to waste.

Yes, it does work properly on old characters. You only get one go at the configuration without editing your save though, so figure out what settings you want before you put it in your old save.

Could not a creature value be calculated from monsters HP, Level (Day frim which in it aplears) and Attack value?

So one gets a nice bell curve for the creature value. That could then determine increment of stats in each Progressive step

In theory it could, but I am unaware of how to do so, if anyone else would like to edit it to act that way, feel free to do so, I wouldn’t mind replacing my version with a better one.

Monsters have, IIRC, a “Difficulty” rating. You could use that, perhaps? I know Irradiated Wanderers have 3, while Jabberwocks have 50.

Also, I looked over how the level up mechanic works. I mean, Christ, I’d get dozens of extra points where I am now. I’ll actually have to figure out how many point that’d net me in total. Does anyone know how to calculate that curve in a Google Spreadsheet?

This works pretty smoothly for both new and old characters. Creatures having different value would be cool, but I don’t think it matters that much. At least with the settings I’m using for my trial run, where each stat is worth thousands of kills, everything sort of averages out inevitably.