I wanted to have Statsthroughskills in my current game. As I´m new to the game, I thought having it in mods list of CDDA Launcher is enough.
But it has to be activated in world creation.

Can I put the mod in the mods.json of my savegame to get the same benefits as if the mod would have been there in the beginning?

I have alot of skills at 6 now. A little bit of progress would be nice.

It should work fine, but with the default version of the mod that comes with the game you won’t see any changes until you get a skill up again. It recalculates stat boosts on the basis of skills every time one goes up so the changes will all happen at once the next time any skill increases.

Thanks. That´s cool. If only CDDA Launcher would have not corrupted my savegames…
I had to start a new game.

Someone should have mentioned to you that it is risky. Always make a copy before attempting to add a mod. This is a good balancing mod.

On my current game I have made some skill gains.
I use statsthtroughskillsIV.
I get the message for the statsthtroughskills check every night.
I still have the starting stats. When will some stats gain arrive?

I just downloaded StatsThroughSkillsIV and tested it on 7731. It doesn’t appear to be working on the more recent experimentals.

It would probably be best to just use the one packaged with the game; it’s more likely to be compatible than any of the others. The good news is that we now know you can just change the mods.json to reap the benefits of StatsThroughSkills. Just go delete the “Four” from the end of it in mods.json, save the file, then start your game back up and grab a bunch of rocks to throw at things until your throwing levels up. You should see changes after that.

Understood. Thanks for the tips. I will go try that.