How many kills does it take to get any stats with the 'Stats Through Kills' mod?

Just as it says on the tin. I have killed many a horde and have noticed no change in my stats thus far.

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View your score (Should be ) by default). On the second tab, it tells you how many ‘skill’ points (they’re actually for stats) you have available, and how much experience you have, and how much you need for the next ‘level’, ie next point.

You need to actually spend those points to increase your stats. You do that on the character screen (default @) by just going to the stat you want to increase and hitting enter, it will ask you if you want to spend your point to increase the stat.


Ooohhh, I never knew that! I actually have apparently killed 1002 creatures and have 3 points available.
There’s also a very infested town that I’ve been working on looting, and even before this I had began to think about going on a mass crusade against the zombie horde there…

just be careful of how you kill them, not all actions add to your kill score, basically indirect killing is a no go (like explosions, blazing buildings, or if you have mods, things like summoned mobs) on the bright side, if you are driving, you can ram them and it still counts

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