Stat through skills broken?

Stat through skills doesn’t appear to be working for me, exp 7019, just updated to 7021 (nearly all my time on this save has been on 7019 when I started).

It still gives me the message but none of my stats go up. You’d think with 10 cooking, 6 mechanics, 6 fabrication, and 6 driving my intelligence or something would of went up maybe one but nope it’s still 9, none of my stats changed at all, and it’s nearly been a year in game with 21 day seasons.

I’m using the stats through skills that comes with the game, not the other ones you can download through the launcher, I don’t know if those are outdated or better or what.

I use stats through skills IV through downloaded via launcher and it works fine for me.

Yeah I’ve just been using the regular one, I have the others downloaded but I wasn’t too sure if they’re a dated version or work differently. I’ll give 4 a whirl when I eventually die, I also wanna check out the ascension mod.

StatsThroughSkills increases your stats depending on the total amount of ranks you have in a group of skills…with diminishing returns.

It takes more ranks to that +2 than it does that plus +1, and even more to get that +3, and so on.

EDIT: Nevermind, it just looks like it’s not working at all for you. I’ve never had this issue.

That’s what I’m saying, I wouldn’t of posted if I wasn’t sure there was a problem. Idk, guess I’ll just have to mutate to get my strength and stuff up, I already scored some muscle augs so it’s not that bad I guess.

Someone posted a fix on reddit a while ago:


So did STS break on the most recent experimental build 7121, or did it happen earlier then that? I hadn’t noticed, but am now wondering if it has been broken for me and I need to add the “–” to the front end of line #26.

I know it bumped up my starting stats on build 7074, when I spawned in on my current run, but don’t recall seeing any stats increase in the message log since the beginning, but wasn’t specifically looking for it.

Using the “fix” in the lkink posted by nfossil, STS starts working again for me when using the latest experimentals (win64 tiles).

It seems like a hack-ey fix, but the function it’s skipping past is the handle_previous_version() which would seem to just be code only needed if someone is upgrading their mod from a previous incarnation? Not sure why it’s bonking the mod altogether.

OK so it is still working with that fix? I keep forgetting to add it after updating, but I saw someone on Reddit comment saying the fix stopped working. I’m thinking they thought the fix did not have to be reapplied after updating, though, which might be why they think that.

Guess I’ll add the “–” before line #26 again and see for myself.

Right – It must be the way the launcher updates – replacing all the “stock” code (STS comes with the game), even if there were no changes.

An easy, temporary fix to get around that would be to copy/rename the STS mod so the launcher will think it’s a custom one, and stop overwriting it. :smiley:

True, I don’t mind just adding it when I update. If I close Notepad++ with the STS file open in it, it just reopens when I open N++ again. If I keep forgetting to do it I will probably do what you said and rename it or whatever.

I used to have to lower all the over map specials’ spawns when using that one buildings mod that got mainlined, so I would just rename that file and save it as a backup and replace it with the master file after updating… instead of going through and lowering each one manually like I used to do when it first started happening.

Is there an official fix in the works for STS, do you know, by any chance? Like has anyone made a report on GitHub or anything?

I haven’t had time to verify the fix and merge it, maybe tonight.