"StatsThroughSkills" broken

I was playing on the newest experimental (3650 on Windows console) and turned StatsThroughSkills on because I like that mod. After the first day it spit out an error and didn’t update my stats according to my skills. I managed to recreate the error in a test world as seen in the spoiler.



Mods used for this world: Vehicle Additions Pack, Tanks and other Vehicles, StatsThroughSkills, Necromancy and Medieval and Historic Content.

Looks like there was a change to the LUA functions.

I just tested the mod and it works in build 3646, so probably something happened in between 3646 and 3650, most probably in 3649: http://ci.narc.ro/view/Cataclysm-DDA/job/Cataclysm-Matrix/3649/changes

EDIT: there’s already a commit fixing the mod