Explanation of StatsThroughSkills variants?

There is one that now comes with the core pack when downloaded via the launcher, plus 4 others with roman numerals.

What is the difference between them all?

In practice the most significant difference is when they recalculate stats. Most of them check skills every day at a certain time (12:00 A.M., I believe), but the one packaged with the latest experimentals rechecks every time one of your skills increase. It’s also worth noting that the only one currently perfectly compatible with the latest experimentals is the one packaged with them (unless this has changed since I last checked).

Hello! i am a very new user around here and i have just discovered this game just recently, i am incredible overwhelmed with how fun this game is, i like how it functions and works, skills, reading and all that and i’ve done a deep dive into this whole stats increase, which by sounds of it is incredible immersion breaking for the experience.

I’ve done some searching about “StatsThroughSkills” and would like to know more, but there is not really a proper explanation out there about the mod, i’ve seen some say it’s now built in, but i don’t know.

I would just really love someone explain the StatsThroughSkills I - IV version in a simple way, i really have a hard time getting what any of it mean and I’m sorta looking for a incredible slow method to train stats up, i don’t desire to become a super being like good ol Fallout 4 does in a short amount of time, just a way to do so, as i noticed there is skill degradation.

Anyway, i’ve fallen in love with this game and would love to just know a little more.

Unless this post is very much dead…

StatsThroughSkills III and StatsThroughSkills IV mods downloaded through CDDA launcher have exactly same formulas. There is only slight diifference in the lua code - version IV uses efftype_id type and will probably work in more recent experimental versions of CDDA. Bonus stats are applied through effects and are recalculated once a day using on_day_passed callback.

StatsThroughSkillsmod shipped with experimental CDDA have different formulas. Bonus stats are added directly to base stats and recalculated once a day using on_day_passedcallback, on new game start using on_new_player_created callback and after any skill is increased using on_skill_increased callback. There is also migration code from some older original version of the same mod. This version supports having any initial stats (either 8 8 8 8 or other combinations).

Some more info in the threads below:

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I never got why people even want to play with these mods.

Scratch that, I get why they would, I don’t get why they would want to make the game that gamey or easy endgame.

Thank you so much for taking the time to find the extra information, i noticed you had this posted on one of those other link, but i am afraid i’m a little too stupid to get what it all means, so i kinda still kinda struggle to understand what the major difference is…

But from how i understand it’s very overpowered, how come? so far the game seems very hard, i’ve died multiple times just trying to get some decent clothes and i guess i am just a proper pack mule and likes to carry stuff.

Again, thanks for your time.

I guess i just kinda want to see the Stats wiggle a bit and degrade, i am very new to the game and have retried a gruelling many times to able to survive now.

All version of StatsThroughSkills mod do the same thing - add bonus stats to player character depending on skills levels.

The difference is in formula (i.e.number of bonus stats gained per skill level) and internal mechanics (i.e. how bonus stats are being added).

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Thank you for replying and for dealing with my slowness.

Okay, i guess that’s fair but i don’t think i need to know much more now, i have discovered the usefulness of Mutation Russian roulette, just what i needed!

It’s not like there’s another way to increase stats. Well, there is Granades, but those are ultra rare and don’t really increase your stats above 15, so…

I’m rambling, really. Guess I’m a bit salty I’ll never be like the Old Gods of the Cataclysm…

Also granades were blacklisted and only show up if you use crazy cataclysm now, so very few people even have a tiny chance of finding them.

If you want to get to the stupidly high levels of stats that used to be possible, that is why I got the stats through kills working and configurable ingame, use that and you can eventually have whatever stats you want.

First time playing with Statsthroughskills (the one that comes with the base game), I can’t really recommend it, it feels like cheating. I have barely made it out of the evac shelter, raided around 10 houses and I am already like 15 int (I ususally level up mechanics, electronics, first aid, tailoring, frabrication, survival right off the bat, I am level 3-5 in these skills already right near the start) . Which is great if you found the base game crazy hard, but damn, this sort of made pointless the stat system at character creation.

Maybe its the min-maxer in me, but I could see myself making a character with zero skills, a tough scenario, maybe a few points in Intelligences and just spend all my points on traits. Then just grind your skills by reading books then ==> GG. Broken game, made too easy.

Edit: Maybe there is a version that tones it down a LOT? I see the attraction of such a system, maybe needing more skills to level up stats or just capping the max number of stats one can get through the system.