I have absolutely no experience working with fonts, so this is very much a trial-and-error process for me at the moment.

It can currently be found here until I come up with a better place to host it.

The plan is for everything in the font to be 100% centered which it currently fails to do. I’m fairly sure that I need to make everything 1x1 pixel smaller if I want everything properly centered. For now all glyphs are essentially centered relative to each other, just not relative to cells. This could probably be improved by either making everything slightly smaller like I said or possibly by shifting everything in FontForge, which I’ll try as soon as I come up with a better way to host the font and actually understand how to export a .TTF in FontForge instead of it’s own weird files.

Beyond that I’m sure lowercase letters could be much better. Probably a little larger, probably less dedication to being 100% square to the detriment of readability. A few uppercase letters might get adjustment as well.

Currently this is my config/fonts.json:

  "fontblending": false,
  "fontwidth": 9,
  "fontheight": 16,
  "fontsize": 16,
  "typeface": "unifont",
  "map_fontwidth": 17,
  "map_fontheight": 17,
  "map_fontsize": 16,
  "map_typeface": "SQUARELIKE",
  "overmap_fontwidth": 17,
  "overmap_fontheight": 17,
  "overmap_fontsize": 16,
  "overmap_typeface": "SQUARELIKE"

I’ve hardly even played Cataclysm, so it’s very likely that some glyphs are missing at the moment.

If anyone has suggestions or advice, that would be great.

The thing you’ll likely miss is mod things. Like arcana’s curious structures and such. That an you might have a conflict with the base overmap change mod.

Fonts haven’t rendered properly for quite a while: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/24844

Nobody is addressing it. If you’re testing that on 0.C, it might like okay, but those options LITERALLY can’t work because you can’t have a width/height >= size.

That… makes a lot of sense, actually. I assume it’s why that one 16x16 Dwarf Fortress font people suggested for a while is always cut off at the top no matter what font you use.