Square font, for Linux users?

Ingame, my vehicle looks fine when going north and south, but looks squeezed when goind east and ouest, because the defaut font is not square. i don’t like it.

I know for Windows you can edit the FONTDATA file, but for Linux it does not work (no effect at all). So i played with the Edition/Preference/ on xTerminal, and i can see a lot of different fonts there, and it affects ingame fonts aswell. However, i didn’t find anything square.

Im’ on Lubuntu, eeePC 901.

Help ?

I also wanted a square font and couldn’t find any. So I apt-get installed fontforge and made my own :slight_smile:
It’s based on FreeMono and includes the latin1 and boxdrawing glyphs.
I’ve scaled all box-drawing glyphs to be square, but left all others with the proper aspect-ratio.

Give it a try and let me know if I missed anything.

TrueType font:

FontForge file: