Square Fonts pack

It is my fonts pack. Actualy it is not purely my work at all. It is mostly just combination and modification of other’s people works. I made it for myself but someone may find it useful too.



To install this just unpack files from archive in your cataclysm directory. By default font settings optimized for 1080p.

Inside that archive you will find font that I use to play with ASCII mode using SDL version of the game.

  1. Square-SmallcapsRM - is hybrid of Square-Smallcaps (included with cataclysm) and Terminus (TTF) Bold (http://files.ax86.net/terminus-ttf/). Now Square-Smallcaps REALLY has small letters.

Square-Smallcaps is good. Really good. But for me it has one downside. Small letters of that font too similar with large letters. It is not so intuitive to recognize. So I add small letters to Square-Smallcaps from Terminus (TTF) Bold, resize it and tweak some things. Also this font conatins regional symbols of some other languages.

  1. Square-SmallcapsR - is almost same as Square-SmallcapsRM but small leters remeain the same as Square-Smallcaps. Bysically it is Square-Smallcaps with resized regional symbols from Terminus (TTF) Bold.

  2. CatConWide (http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=2337.0) - it is work of Leonid Vasilyev. Stretched to square Lucida Console. It is remain untoched by me.

  3. Also this archive includes Terminus (TTF) Bold (http://files.ax86.net/terminus-ttf/). It is monospace font just like Terminus with SIL Open Font License (if I understand it right).

Don’t be confused with world “Russian” on CataclysmRussianSquareFontsPack. Fonts will work for English language too.

And important note - it was tested and created for SDL version. Curses version should work too however.

That is Square-SmallcapsRM on 14 size (look on small letters to see difference between original Square-Smallcaps):


Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been looking for something like this for ages!

Fonts pack updated. Just chaged default settings to panel font to make it more tight.

Its like a cute version of the ASCII graphics…


Fonts pack updated. Just chaged default font size settings to panel font. It should look better for FullHD. Just minor update.

Square-SmallcapsRM added as pull request in game.

Fonts pack updated:

  • Increased font defualt font size of the right panel;
  • Width of the letters for panel font decreased to 8. Now it is 8X16;
  • Updated Terminus (TTF) Bold to 4.40.1

Fonts pack just updated!

  • Square font now set for map screen!
  • Tweaked symbol “^”
  • Increased size of panel font to suit 1080p better

I spent a lot of time to find this post on a new forum site.
Terminus (TTF) Bold is still better for reading text on bigger screens!
Thank’s man!