SpOreos: Death's favorite cookie?

So, I was tooling out of town looking for a place to set up a base in a nice Electric SUV when I came across some fungaloids and saw that they had dropped some of my favorite snacks. Never one to turn down free food, I parked quickly, made very sure to steer well clear of the spore clouds, and snatched 'em up. I ate them shortly after, and in a few hours had come down with a fungal infection. Is this a recent change to SpOreos, or has this been in the whole time and I have just somehow gotten very lucky before in never catching an infection from eating them? If it’s a recent change, it’s probably for the best seeing as how they were effectively free, infinitely-respawnable, pretty nutritious food. Or did I somehow catch the infection from the spore clouds that I never touched?

The item browser shows them flagged as a fungal vector.

Eating cookies made of mycus and getting a fungal infection.

But yeah, if it’s made of fungal death it just might cause fungal death.