SporeOs, anyone?

These sporeOs are legitimally broken. They have 25 nutrition and quench, on top of a 10 enjoyment.
Fungaloids just create these things out of thin air, in bundles of 4. I don’t know if this is from a mod, even though it probably is…
Should I try to turn off whatever mod this is from? Or should I embrace our new fungal overlords and get the marloss mutations?

Pretty sure that’s how you get fungus erupting from your arms until you die.

But mycus can’t get fungal infections, can they?

Mycus identity grants immunity to fungal infections.

Also, I did mycus - bloom build before. Do you know how much Mycus fruit you can get from a single forest map tile? You really should try this.

Considering all this, this seems to be entirely balanced.

I think this is Crazy Cata

Oh you might be right. For some reason I was assuming he meant farming spore clouds for food since they’re little Os that eventually become full fungaloids you can eat.

Crazy cata is less concerned with balance.