Spontaneous Vehicle Damage

Has anybody else noticed their vehicles in noticeably worse condition when the come back to them after looting around for a little while? The first time it happened all of my windshields were broken out but there was nothing in site that would have for some reason pathed to my car and beat it up. I thought, “that’s really strange, I guess whatever did it just ran off and I didn’t hear it or whatever.” The second time though I know I cleared out the area where I left my car and when I came back to drop off the loot, the windshields were broken again and my gas tank was now leaking and many important parts were in a much worse state than I left them. Is this a thing for anyone else?

Where are you parking it? I often find zombies chewing on my car if I wander off leaving it unattended in the city, but when I leave it in my garage at base it hasn’t taken any damage.

I’d recommend laser cannon turrets. They help keep stuff from gnawing on you and your vehicle. My tank has six.

It was likely a rare NPC group that sometimes spawns around cities - Frat Boys. Post apocalyptic frat boys cope with the stress of the new world the same way they coped before. They get tanked, rove around in small groups looking for equally drunk women to impress with random acts of stupidity.

Leave a trail of chips and pretzels leading into a spike pit or fill an empty vodka bottle with bleach and leave it in an open liquor cabinet. Either should take care of them.

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Where I’m parking it isn’t the issue, I always clear an area out before I start looting. The biggest thing is that I was gone for less than five minutes looting a single building and was heading back to drop off my stuff and it was trashed. I looked all around and there was nothing, not even a squirrel. The nearest zombies were a couple blocks down playing in a mine field.

Could be that bug where mine fragments damaged vehicles from afar.

Yep, that sounds right. I thought that bug got stomped already?

So did I, but I wasn’t certain, and I don’t know what version he’s running.

I update almost every time I boot up. The first time it happened was a long time ago though and I was in the middle of a wide open field and I don’t remember there being a minefield anywhere nearby.

hitting bushes or even just plants can potentially cause damage.

Yes, I know this. That is irrelevant however as my car did not move and I left the area to forage. There was nothing that I remember in the surrounding overmap tiles when I left or got back, just a worse condition car.

I think at this point the only logical answer is that it’s a personal moral failing on your part, and you should repent your dark ways.

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I may have to go with Erk on this one. It sounds like it could be a bug of some sort. Only a couple of other possibilities I can think of:

Do you have any artifacts? There might be an artifact passive power that has an entropic effect or something?

What mods are you using? It might be something from a mod to simulate the necessities of regular maintenance? I’ve heard PK’s rebalance mod is for masochists, maybe it does that? I’ve never used it.

No artifacts, it’s a relatively fresh character and I’m only using my standard run of the mill mods that I always do, just adding in items or locations nothing like PK (My emotional wounds still haven’t healed from the last time I played PK, so many deaths in such a short span of time). Idk maybe I’m just getting super unlucky with a singular zombie that happens to path to my car instead of the others around it, smashes it up for the fun of it, than wanders off just before I look over. It’s annoying either way.