Why are vehicles out of gas?

I am curious about what the story is behind why the all the vehicles are out or almost completely out of gas. Why do I not come across any with a full tank?

Chances are, the cars were abandoned when they ran out of fuel.
Far more horrifyingly, they could’ve been left idling when zombies pulled the drivers from the car. You can find cars with a fair amount of fuel, try Public Works or Parking lots.

it would be nice if gasoline were craftable, even if it took up an absurd amount of resources.

Making biofuel out of rotten food has been suggested in various forms several times, but nothing has ever come of it.

for game purpose, finding a liquor store should be as good as a gas station :slight_smile:

Combine this with the fact that vehicles randomly have their lights left on, or doors opened…

How is that horrifying? I do a lot worst on gta games… and on this game.

Zombies drink gasoline. With straws. Long straws.
You didn’t know?

Combine this with the fact that vehicles randomly have their lights left on, or doors opened…[/quote]

If you want to make it truly horrifying, add blood stained child seats…

[quote=“Slax, post:8, topic:4619”]Zombies drink gasoline. With straws. Long straws.
You didn’t know?[/quote]

Zombies with long mosquito/straw mouth should be a thing…

Or the giant moth monster someone suggested some time ago.

I saw GlyphGryph (might have mis-spelled that) suggesting a whole bunch of odd zombie types on another forum a while back… Zombies with nasty alien like creatures bursting out of them etc.

Claws, horrible fanged maws, etc. I wonder what happened to those.

Yeah I’d imagined vehicles were driven until empty, and then abandoned, else left idling when the drivers were ah… removed.

Of course, you’d think you would find car wrecks smashed into trees and ditches way off the roads if things were so hastily abandoned with threats surrounding…

I’m almost positive that there used to be car wrecked into buildings, in fact I’m almost positive but I’m only posting this to confirm this.

Other then that, Datanazush I felt a chill when you said that and I kinda always knew that’s what had happened, but to hear it out loud… shudder

You can in fact still find wreckage merged with buildings, although sometimes you can also find completely unharmed vehicles overlapping buildings, so I’m guessing that’s just the spawning system being wonky. Once found a truck overlapping a bank vault, making it trivially easy to loot the bank.

Iiiiiiin the future: some Eldrich abomination stole all the gas caps and all the gasoline evaporated!

All of the cars run on pure ethanol and it literally DOES evaporate. LOL. …

You drink your gasoline.

On a barely related note, you know what’s missing right now? Street lights. Something for top tier woodcutters to tackle. Aw yeah!

Yep. https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/4873 details it. Basically a problem with map rotation and vehicles. I found it trying to place an ambulance outside of a hospital, and finding that the ambulance would be smashed to bits, there’d be a huge hole in a wall… but the ambulance would be nowhere near the wall.