(SPOILER) A small guide on how to become mycus and forget what hunger means

So, today I will tell you a detailed guide on how to quickly mutate into a mushroom (I will leave it to you to clean the character from mutations, or you can do it in a new game)

first of all, the resources needed for this: 1-2 grenades, food for survival for 20 days, a little armor, a little weapons, and that’s where our needs end

first of all, we are looking for a field of dead soldiers-a structure in which zombie soldiers, their automatons and an amoeba are nearby, you need to steal a machine gun and kill 1-2 zombie soldiers, and then you can try to get a zombie soldier to approach the amoeba so that it devours him. all you have to steal is 1 machine gun (at least 2 magazines with ammunition), a grenade, military equipment (were you going to go to the tower in your underpants?).

the next step is to collect all 3 elements. Marlo fruit can be found on bushes infected with fungus, so you can find it almost anywhere, in the area where mushrooms live. we’ll need about 10-15 pieces if you want to get a marlo carrier for sure.
the next step will be the seed-YOU have to kill the mushroom flower in the center of a huge fragment of spores, and find a blue flower in the center, which you need to collect through E and get the seeds. eat them.
you can kill a flower with a grenade-it’s easy, but I do not know if there is a chance to damage the flower you need. if you don’t like risk, you can use your machine gun and ammunition that we stole from the corpses.
after that, we need a mushroom tower-you can find out that this is what you need by its description, it is larger than the spire (I can confuse them, but I think you will figure it out), we have 2 options-kill the tower and get jelly, or destroy the antennae close to it, approach it and wait a few moves until a message appears about the tower’s attack, which we will have to accept. BUT you should know that after that the mycus introductory window will begin, where he will tell you about himself (the mushroom is friendlier than people, heh), and you will faint, so I recommend killing the tower and eating jelly in a safe place.

after that, a bush will grow under you, pick a berry and eat it. Congratulations, you’ve become a mushroom. you can throw out all the seeds, jelly and marlo fruits-they are useless to you, all you need is to live your life, and in a dream you will mutate. I recommend eating well before going to bed, because getting mycus nutrition on an empty stomach is bad. when a mushroom tells you that you can no longer eat simple food, go to any place of residence of mushroom friends and wait until they infect part of the forest, there you should find marlo bushes, but you will get the fruits of the mycus from them.
mycus fruits are an ideal form of food-light, nutritious, does not spoil, easily extracted. you should get as many mycus fruits as possible at this stage, because the further path lies only through sleep. now all you need is to wait for the appearance of mutations that allow you to spread the mushroom, and go on a journey wherever you want, because nothing will stop you.


time for little tricks:
•a mutation that allows you to create huge clouds of spores around you allows you to turn the forest into mushroom flowers, but 50% of the trees simply become infected, and they are much more likely to get a ton of fruit, since they can often be harvested several times. so I was able to get 40 fruits from 1 tree, and you don’t care about disputes. therefore, you can infect a small area of the forest and collect a bunch of fruits

•*your mushroom friends (unlike the old versions) are very timid (I remember how the mushroom guys used to be ready to kill you, every turn they turned all the zombies in the neighborhood into their slaves. ehh, good time), so don’t count on them as good protection. they can capture small parts of the city in which there are no hulks, super strong zombies or robrts.

•NEVER enter the fungicide elbow.
• NEVER stand next to the NPC if you have a mutation of spontaneous release of spores, if the NPC inhales your elbow spore-it will become infected with a fungal parasite, and this is a death sentence if you do not have an antifungal drug.
•bionics works very well with you, I recommend having a stable energy generator in your body (I don’t know what you prefer.), bionics to reduce your consumer needs in terms of food and retractable tools. useful in all cases and situations.

If you’d prefer a less murderous route to the Marloss, here you go;

1: Find the bushes/trees with visible pink growths, pick the berries
2: Harvest the seeds, don’t kill for them. Your survival may need to be raised.
3: Prostrate yourself and crawl to the tower after you clear out any inconvenient zombies, or alternatively just keep eating the seeds/berries until the Mycus gets tired of waiting for you and you wake up atop the bush.

It might just be an issue with my current version, but for whatever reason this less destructive path doesn’t seem to result in any dreams.

Thats possible, soo… that much harder