Mycus+experimental question (maybe spoiler?)

Playing an experimental from back in March. I became a Mycus, and I got a handful of mycus fruit. The first night or second I slept I got mycus feeder and that was the only mutation I ever got. I starve to death because I never get the ability to get more fruit. All I can do is debug a solution. I was really hoping to explore the mycus, but it can’t be done without debugging in things.

I saw pulls for mycus fixes but haven’t updated because of even worse font rendering.

Mycus is tough to get into it’s easier to have genetic chaos and then try problem with that is it can make it impossible after a certain amount of time. Really you just need to have mutative effects so wade in some sewage play with some plutonium anything that causes mutation will get it to work. Older versions of I recall rightly had a mutatgenic effect that could happen.

Getting Mycus Feeder before you gain the ability to convert trees to marloss trees sucks. If there is a forest near the Fungal Flowers you had to visit to go Mycus you can wait until some of the fungal blossoms puff some spores near some trees. That should convert them to marloss trees which you can harvest for mycus fruit.

But once you ascend you can’t eat marloss anything. Everything gives you Mycus fruit. But you can still plant the marloss seeds. Still though the Mycus fruit need a mutatgenic chance just like marloss does

Oops, I meant mycus fruit not marloss fruit. I know it works the way I said because I also nearly starved to death once I got Mycus Feeder and had to resort to the above mentioned actions to feed myself.

Fun thing about the Mycus mutations if you get the bloom mutation you can kill things by just poufing near them and infect NPCs to get them to die without getting the massive mood penalty. Only thing it doesn’t really work on is the dimensional horrors(migo, flaming eye etc) everything okay else though gets destroyed by it zombies most of all. Also fun thing is that fungal things will still attempt to attack you and fungal zombies will kill fungaliods but the zombies/ants can’t hurt you with the id mutation.