Soundpack plmove clear_obstacle bug

Was working on adding more walking sounds for my personal soundpack and noticed that “plmove clear_obstacle” does not work together with “plmove <terrain>”. Normally you get the walking sound mixed with the clear_obstacle sound when you walk on furniture or anything that slows you down, but in this case you only get the walking sound. I also noticed that if you go barefoot, it plays the “plmove walk_barefoot” sound and the “plmove <terrain>” sound together when you trigger “plmove clear_obstacle” on a “plmove <terrain>” tile.

I suspect the cause is this:

important: plmove <terrain> has priority over default plmove|walk_ (excluding |barefoot) example: if plmove|t_grass_long is defined it will be played before default plmove|walk_grass default for all grassy terrains

A possible fix might be giving “plmove clear_obstacle” a similar priority as “plmove walk_barefoot”. I haven’t tested with “plmove <vehicle_part>” but it’s possibly the same.

As a sidenote, door frames and ladders ontop of floor tile with custom “plmove <terrain>” sound defined plays the default walking sound instead.

Use escaping: “\<terrain\>” in editor will become “<terrain>” in post.

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