Obstacle Clearing Sound Modification

In all the soundpacks I have used, moving onto/off of an object that costs many movement points causes a long and obnoxious sound to play. This is made worse for things like forests and cargo spaces on cars where constant moving causes the sounds to clip over themselves.

I modified these three sound clips to be much shorter and quieter.


To install it, go to cdda\data\sound(your soundpack)\env\walk and replace the three ‘clear_obstacle’ files with the ones from the drive. (I am using CDDA-Soundpack, so it may be in a different location for you)

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It should be the same location for any sound pack.
Nice of you to share.
Personally I just turned the volume of that down when they added long grass cause that stuff is everywhere, and only shows on some tilesets, and I know when I’m walking over other things.

Speaking of different grass types not showing up on certain tilesets, I have a fix for that too (for the Retrodays tileset). I should probably upload that as well.