[SoundPack] CO.AG SoundPack (v1.1_02-Mar-19) + (Only the Music) Alternative Addon



I’m pretty sure it’s a false positive. Can i get the track info to help with the dispute?


Hi @Vormithrax, the music playing in the 6:04:05 is called “The Desert” By CO.AG and it’s royalty free:

The weird thing about all of this, is that this song is playing in the background multiple times during your whole gameplay and you just get the warning in 06:04:05, that’s right? More weird thing is that “Lonely Soul NoPno-Ah 2-Filtered” brings me a very interesting result. I was looking around yesterday with no success, but I found something now:

If you try to look around the web by the name of “Lonely Soul NoPno-Ah 2-Filtered” you can’t find anything useful about this, but if you look around “Ah 2 music” it leads to here: https://www.ah2music.com/catalog

And more exactly (Talking about this specific music): If you use the explorer in this page typing the name of the song “Lonely Soul” the first result is very clarifying:

The first seconds of this track are almost identical to the CO.AG “The Desert” music intro, as you can see, both has a very similar background (if not exactly the same). I’m pretty sure that this is the problem. And here it comes another interesting question about all of this:

Seems that Ah2 rip off these first seconds of the track from the CO.AG music called “The Desert” and the background. For me, looks like if ah2 take the CO.AG track, put it into a sound editor and remix it. Smells really bad, For me personally Ah2 website looks muddy and suspicious, seems like they have there almost every kind of music genres, thousands of tracks, looks like someone kind of corporative entity taking others music, registering it legally making remixes and send claims around. Who takes the work from who? also music tracks has metadata into it, for proper tracking, and some has ISRC codes (International Standard Recording Code) but I don’t know if CO.AG use it, considering that he doesn’t sell his music.

Also this website “ah2 music” has the tracks limited, they just let you listen the music few seconds, this is weird and looks like another muddy business. Any ideas?


Also this website “ah2 music” seems to work together with this https://www.synchtank.com/
this is:

“Synchtank is a cloud-based enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for licensing and managing entertainment assets, intellectual property rights and associated metadata.”

This smells bad, and is not the first time I saw this kind of muddy stuff around related with music composers (I’m a composer too and this is one of your worst enemies out there). There’s a lot of entities taking the others work, registering it legally and sending around claims for get profit. Just an example: just check /youtube reddit, there are a lot of people who others stole his music, and send you claims. Out there are A LOT of people suffering for this greedy business, corporative entities literally stole others hard work.


I’m seriously considering talking with CO.AG about this and find out what is going on here.( Maybe he does not know anything either and he is just another corporative-claim victim) or maybe he’s the one who takes someone else’s work. I have no idea. Jesus!


CO.AG SoundPack will be added to the CDDA-Launcher in the next update, Yay! Thanks @remyroy

PD: Sorry for the last two messages have been deleted by my fault, I tried to edit the original for fix some grammar errors but the forum would not let me: “the change you are trying to make is very similar to the previous one”. Then I tried to delete it and write it again, but it is not get deleted instantly, it has a 24 hours margin and then it deletes automatically after. This is really driving me crazy, it’s the first forum I see something like this.


Yeah. You hit the nail on the head exactly. When someone has free stuff. It is great. But they have to put it out with Free to use and not sell terms. Else you have @$$ hats stealing it and doing wrong with it all over the place. Legally stealing a is a huge problem on the internet that was the reason why lawyers helped write up such free to use terms.

Only thing you can do is remove it and stop using it. Else nobody will be able to use whatever you post legit like.