Sound pack problem

How to choose soundpack in experimental on Linux? I dont see this option in menu.

Soundpacks don’t come packed with the game, as far as I’m concerned. You’ll need to download one first; the most popular is the ChestHole soundpack, followed by its modifications RRFSounds and C-Soundpack. Place them in the game directory, under /cataclysmdda/data/sound/. Restart your game (if it was running in the background), then choose the soundpack under the Options menu (scroll down in the General tab).

This only works for the SDL (tiles) variant, and only for experimental builds. Soundpacks aren’t compatible with the console version. This might also work differently for Linux (directories and such), I’m a Windows user so I wouldn’t know.

In tile version in general tab I don’t see this option. I have got 25 lines of options and 2,7,9,15,17,21 are black. How to check version inside the game?

Yeah, the lines you mention should stay blank. They’re the separators for the different option categories. Just to be sure, though, grab the latest experimental from here (Linux builds). The sound options are under the General tab, in lines 27-29 (at least in the Windows build). Scroll all the way down via the arrow keys and you should be able to find them.

Here’s what they look like: