Sound-based Safe Mode (Easy Coding)

Alright, I am about 95% certain this would be an easy-to-code job, so here goes:

It is very frustrating when, say, raiding a store, and you go to bulk-pickup your gallons of fresh milk, your character gasps with alarm at the zombie that is 50 tiles northwest of you who is repeatedly bashing his decaying face onto the useless pile of scrap that was once called a car. You are then asked whether you want to stop your action (Yes/No/Ignore). And you receive even more annoying notifications when 10 turns later, you are trying to bulk drop your now-rotten milk. I have personally had instances as bad as having to Ignore over 10-20 popups while raiding stores or bulk-crafting clean water, and I am sure that many of you have had the same.

On the flip side, there are times when I am doing things like reading through a chemistry textbook or disassembling a fridge. No matter how close I am to learning the recipe for an elixir of immortality or to acquiring juicy crafting components, I want to be warned if a zombie so much as scoffs at my MadMaxMobile’s paint job.
It seems logical that we have the ability to ignore auditory warnings, just like we can ignore visual ones with standard safe-mode.

TL;DR I propose a second Safe Mode with a separate keybinding, that lets you ignore noise popups.

Sorry if this has been suggested, I couldn’t find it with the forum’s search.


If it’s really easy, do it. If you can’t do it, you’re not qualified to say whether it’s going to be easy or not.

Just present your idea and why you think it’s good for the game, anything else (like speculating about how hard it will be to implement) will only detract from your proposal.

Presenting the scenarios where you’re having a problem is great, that’s the most valuable part of your post.

The system, as is, has almost gotten me killed more times than I would like because you can ignore a threat, thinking you’re good for a couple turns, but then your head is being bashed in. We do not need more threat ignore systems.

Sorry for the “easy to code” faux pas. Won’t do it again. But it is really frustrating to have to repeatedly ignore sound popups if all I am waiting for is a “dangerously close” alert. Most of the time I don’t care about the noise, because it’s some zombie hitting a wall or car, and the sound is not at all a good judge of how close they are to getting to me.

Are earplugs strong enough to block out those noises? lol Maybe it is easy, push x button and it gives you the same status as wearing earplugs, or deaf, till you push it again? But that’s cheating.

Earplugs = Deaf!, so yeah. Feel free to try that out!