[f94a402] Press (I) to Ignore distractions and

…wait one turn before being prompted what you want to do about that distracting noise.

The “Ignore” function doesn’t appear to be working in the listed build, which can get pretty irritating when you’re trying to pick up items near a safely contained zombie brute.

Confirmed for build 2359 (9853c2b). I don’t think any of the container fixes and such in 2360 or 2361 fixed this.

Also, spotting the same monster over and over (as they stumble out from behind a wall and back again) seems to be possible.

The thing is, the ignore sounds times out when you start picking up another object.

Yeah, that could be annoying. Not sure how fixable it’d be, but thanks for reporting.

If this is doing what I think it’s doing, it might be a relatively easy fix, checking now.

EDIT: What is the exact series of actions to make this happen? I have a zombie I can see pounding on some reinforced glass, but I’m not getting any warnings while dropping or picking up items.

I have had this happen when there are several zombies making sound, while you cant see them. Happened while I was reading.

Kevin with the fix. Now if you ignore a sound-interrupt, you will continue to ignore sound-interrupts until you do some other action. (Pretty confident it goes for any ignorable interrupt.) Other interrupts are not affected.

Example: Ignore voice, auto-ignore next voice, auto-ignore voice3, auto-ignore sound of door/window being bashed, warned of visual contact on mi-go. And no, we’re not going to have it only ignore “harmless” noises.