Need Ignore ALL mode & xx% complete... indicator

for TL;DR users -
need to switch for ignore All mode.
all to down may not to read. its flood and blabbering :slight_smile:

you yet not get out?
:)) he-he… ok.

when i craft some what need many time and i’m in really safe place - i wish to ignore all cases. and what do on the other side of my walls - all. because my character fed me up with their messages “JESUS HE WALK NEAR US WE ALL DOOMED” (not literally, it’s my emotional colorisation)

I do not know how and what to call it, but very much in the process of building or crafting interfere reports that somewhere within the “bubble of reality” farted field mouse or cockroach scratched his balls. these posts my character reacts nervously and constantly asks “can drop everything and run away?” (Well, not here literally, but me personally, it’s already got) want the character to poke ears poke out his eyes that he did not hear anything not seen anything to dig it the f**ng pit (drat him) - he just an idiot, then water from it take to be . so no - all from under the stick works. Well, not a moron?

And are lacking in the indicator “% process is complete”. to not become hysterical when another pin drop next. If the process of cutting wood boat (well, I say exaggerated) almost ready - then okay, let fly flies itself. but if the process has just started and a swarm of flies went - it adjusts to minor way. For each fly from a swarm will cause a banner (stop? yes-no).

my suggestion - enter the game switch “put the OUR THICK BOLT on all around” (well, the one BOLT that with NUTS)". okay, not literally so - and the switch to “ignore all” this. my will be very good.

there is also a button to interrupt any process, such as reading, or waiting, when we read but want to interrupt an interesting (for the character) process, well, if, purely by chance, our house caught fire. and the character was read. For reads “voraciously” reads so that the house does not burn notice. - That the button we will interrupt the process, if it is about to mature “big bang”

and let them fly fly even cockroaches at least until the blood scratching itself all that is possible to let the mouse lost their shit thundering Niagara Falls, even if there is anything, but only let them not prevent us from digging our well (for thirsty already)

Ear plugs.

I have similar issues crafting next to a window, or reading a book.
It’s typically a monster that is regarded as hostile and attempting to kill me, however one that cannot actually break the window.
Eg Coyote, etc
I’d prefer it if I could select ‘Ignore further shit your pants safe mode messages’ from the first dialogue that appears.

i tryed. the is bionics “hear not”. i switch it on and - not helps. err - i mean i simply not hear all, but still i see all and i fill pain. yes i may wear blinders on my eyes. but i’m fill the pain (y\n)… :slight_smile: yeah i’m a masohist but “YN” is pop’ed up and another one and many many times.

and the fact that I go as a mummy all hung with all that I could only’s hope :slight_smile:
pain… pain (y\n)
i wear many things :slight_smile: and every time I have to undress, dress in their “one hundred garments,” as if I bulb. and this long … it may be possible to make the switch, “Sphinx” when you do not care at all, and you are focused on one thing.

(!!!) it may be a mutation do some kind of savant. a??? this is a case, maybe… a? how you think???

and when i get damage from unknown factors (but i have activated repairing nanobots) - i also have YN message.

new mutation “Sphinx” - when do something ignore all include pain or hunger or thirst.
Sphinx - silent and unmoved.