This is a suggestion regarding message spam. I placed turrets around my base… much to my regret. A: They fire at squirrels and rabbits. This is kinda ridiculous but I’ll give it to you… B: The messages you get when doing anything that takes time, like 40x"You her gunshots in the distance from your turrets," while trying to read a SICP book get a lil redudant. How about a ‘Stop Reading? Y/N/A’ Where the A will do no to All. Only message that shouldn’t really have a no to all is the you got hurt one. Also, how about some ear plug or something to stop being woken up from noise (I’m already a heavy sleeper). I can’t sleep in my base. The turret teleportation bug is almost a blessing.

It’s already in! As of yesterday the ability to (I)gnore future sounds that would normally disturb you while reading/waiting/etc. was merged in, so it should be in the nightly builds at this point (or at least in the next one if it isn’t in already).

As for the earplugs though, interesting idea. Sounds like it would certainly be useful in some cases.

I’m still rocking regular 0.5, initial release with the version wrong and everything. I still have a character that is doing well.

Over-the-ear protection like construction workers wear might be easily implemented too, given the locational ties already implied. As a non-coder I have forgotten whether being deafened is a thing that can occur, but these items would do as designed and keep your ears safe from various explosions too, I would think, if it is.

Yeah, flashbangs, etc can do that.

(I was surprised to find that the coughing from illness is considered as loud as a flashbang.)

(I wasn’t, but I am bloody awful with a chestcold.)

[quote=“KA101, post:5, topic:1374”]Yeah, flashbangs, etc can do that.

(I was surprised to find that the coughing from illness is considered as loud as a flashbang.)[/quote]
Yeah some of the coughing/other noises are a little loud IMO. (Which eventually escalated to a high str + howler + canine ears character that would occasionally deafen himself with the volume of his own howls).

So…you cough, and it deafens everyone around (including you) for 5-15 seconds? Flashbangs are [size=24pt]LOUD![/size]

Well, to be fair, it’s more like I’m coughing for 5-15 seconds and everyone decides it’s best they lock me in the basement three floors down so they can get any sleep.

I do not miss the antibiotics required for that one.

Doubly agree the audio levels need a bit of tweaking. For whatever reason this reminds me that megaphones are a thing and I think I will hop over to that ‘normal items’ thread now.