Too many distractions

There are waaay too many distractions in this game. NPCs distract you while you craft. They talk about useless things. Telling them to ‘be quiet’ doesn’t help when you want to know if they need food or water.
In another scenario I try to aim with ranged and see a different monster or hear bang - pop up appears. Choose ‘ignore’ but then it continues again. Same thing with noises when crafting or dragging things. Again choosing ignore doesn’t do much when in the next turn the same popup appears again. Turning safe mode off doesn’t help at all. How about adding ‘ignore everything for the next 30 minutes or 1 hour’ or whatever. I don’t want to be bothered AT ALL no matter what happens.

Seems about as safe in the long run as wearing a blindfold and earplugs

you can craft noise cancelling gear or wear earplugs if you’re worried

Wearing the 'set of ear plugs ’ is my workaround for all the noise distractions, especially during crafting. But I am still constantly interrupted while doing other things when sight is involved. Wearing a blindfold during a fight or while in enemy territory is not a good idea lol.

NPCs are gaining some ability to differentiate various threat levels, so there’s some possibility that in the future this code could be used by the player, where you could set your “caution level” and then it wouldn’t bother you with things that fell below that level, and hitting ignore on stuff could raise the threshold for bothering you.

Interesting that the best way to focus on forging weaponry and doing advanced chemistry is to blindfold oneself and wear earplugs. :thinking:

Yeah, because I don’t know a single programmer in a cubicle environment who wears headphones so they don’t get distracted by co-workers. Oh wait.


That’s a fair point, though I was trying to say they don’t usually wear blindfolds as well on account of it generally being harder to work while blind.

Depends on the coworkers and the area where you’re all seated. Generally developers are seated (together) in an area where there is peace and quiet so they could focus on their work. So since you’re already around other developers you should be self-aware of the unspoken rule. Eh I’ve seen some developers wear headphones but the majority of them (and myself) don’t. Most likely dependent on your company size/cubicle arrangement/personal taste.

Making explosives while blind folded. Seems legit. :joy:

Perhaps if doing so, should prompt a proper higher failure rate?