Any way to turn off the "*** spotted! stop moving items?" message?

To be clear, this is NOT the message when safe mode is engaged, it pops up irrespective of the safe mode toggle, and makes dragging objects through a forest (near a fish infested pond, a moose or a bunch of dogs) a button mashing nightmare.

I’d have to say its probably the most annoying popup message I have ever encountered in a game due to its incessant persistence, and I have grown to fear it even more than the zombies that surround me.

I’d love to hear of an easy way to turn it off somehow that doesn’t involve “not dragging objects around on the ground”.

Sorry as far as I am aware there is not a way around that, though I’m hardly the expert.

Just discovered that you can whitelist the particular creature in the safe mode manager with the ‘friendly’ tag and this seems to stop the messages.

I’ll experiment further…

Yeah, forgot about that, of course in the situation of zombies thats not really viable.

Try changing safe mode proximity distance to about 10.
That’s what I have and that message pops up a lot less.

Works if safe mode if off too.

Yeah, I found it very weird that safe mode on/off toggle did not change the frequency or remove the messages, but editing entries in the safe mode manager did. I would have thought both of these would work together more closely.

It sounds like that inventory mode is just allowing safe mode, and ignoring whatever on/off status it has.

Does whitelisting the offending enemies help? I know it normally only effects safe mode IIRC, but it’s worth a shot.