How do I get an experimental build to play despite errors?

In the stable build, even when I get error reports I can still start a new world with a new character. With the experimental builds, if I get so much as one error when loading a newly created world, the whole thing goes back to the main menu. Is there a way to start a game even with errors?

Not all errors boot you. Some are acceptable.

It helps ensure no suddenly time paradox.

Okay then…

…how do I get it to play even with these errors?

Currently there is no way to keep loading with the errors since errors during loading generally break the loading process and skip the rest of the file.

What kinds of errors are you getting? Are they caused by the game or moding?

Modding, and where in the code causes the loading to break?

Was changed in:

Trying to get the following mods to work with the latest experimentals:

[ul][li]Craftable Gun Pack[/li]
[li]DeadLeaves’ Fictional Guns[/li]
[li]Icecoon’s Weapons Pack[/li]
[li]Medieval and Historic Content[/li]
[li]Modern Weapon Pack[/li]
[li]More Craftables[/li]
[li]More Makeshift Stuff[/li]
[li]More Survival Tools[/li]
[li]Mythological Replicas[/li]
[li]PKs Rebalancing[/li]
[li]PRM++ Patch[/li]
[li]Crazy Cataclysm[/li]
[li]Mining Mod[/li]
[li]Animatronic Monsters[/li]
[li]Build Pavement[/li]
[li]More Locations[/li]
[li]Folding Parts pack[/li]
[li]Vehicle Additions Pack[/li]
[li]Tanks and Other Vehicles[/li]
[li]Arcana and Magic Items[/li]
[li]Artyoms’ Gun Emporium[/li]
[li]Duros’s Doings[/li]
[li]Mutation stuff[/li]
[li]NBC Items Pack[/li]
[li]Nimian Manufacture Guns[/li]
[li]EXTENDED_BUILDINGS (ZSFixed version)[/li]
[li]No Gas Masks[/li]
[li]Parks and Rec Building Pack (ZSFixed version)[/li]
[li]Wehrmacht Pride[/li]
[li]Wertys CDDA Mod[/li]
[li]C:DDA Extra Professions & Gears[/li]
[li]Classic Roguelike Classes[/li]
[li]Combined Monster Groups[/li]
[li]More Classes and Scenarios[/li]
[li]Overmap Rebalancing[/li][/ul]


That is a lot of content.

Well, some of that is released via the forums and not as a mainline mod, so support may be hard to come by. Id first try ordering those in order of least -> most important to you. Then go and uncheck all mods for a new world. Then go down your list, initiating the least important first.

This way, the most important ones override the least important ones. Exceptions are those that make mechanical changes. For instance the merger patch of mine goes after cata++ and after pks rebalancing.

Getting a bug with PK's Rebalance:

data/mods/PKs_Rebalance/pk_materials.json: line 4:17: duplicated definition of material “spess_plastic”

  1. This crap is exactly why the stable version is better than the experimental version, at least the game kept playing even with an error like this!

  2. How do I fix this error?

delete the mod folder titled


and keep


e is the mainline game. ing is the newest forum version

Got another error, the above is a link to the screenshot of said error, how do I fix it?

  1. dont use arty’s guns until somebody fixes that
    which is happening

  2. go into the mod and make his guns not have negative values

Another bug:
Seriously, it’d be a lot easier if there were a way to play the game in spite of the errors, like in the current stable version.

Now what do I do to fix this?

Bump for bug fix, please. Also, seriously, is there a way to get these experimental builds to play even with errors?

auto_transform doesnt exist. there is not a good way to make things automatically change.