Some Debug Traits are partially broken

Not a bug per se, considering that the debug traits aren’t supposed to be used in a normal game, but fixing them would be a good idea nonetheless. Using Build 5129, but those issues are most likely a bit older already.

The Issues:

Debug Life Support doesn’t freeze Calcium, Iron and Vitamins. The character can become sick because of that (which was in the past basically impossible when you had life support and HVAC active I think?), and the character obviously suffers the withdrawals.
Your characters hunger, thirst and sleep will drop when sick, although slowly. It’s probably lethal if you don’t use the debug invincibility.

Debug Hammerspace isn’t working in Vehicle Building anymore. As in, the game will state that you don’t have all the necessary parts/requirements. Funny enough, if you spawn yourself the requirements it still doesn’t want to work, until you disable the hammerspace debug.