0.C build 2895 x86_64, debug messages spamming the message log

NPCs (both random and static) are off since the start of the game.

It all started when I came near (no direct contact, only saw it on the border of vision) a slime pit and at first got some messages about small blobs not being able to fit or something like that, after which I started getting messages like

r: egg_bird 20248,20259 737->737 Traversing graph with 1 power x2
and so on. I thought that if I go far enough from the slime pit they would stop. but they didn’t. The messages kept appearing every turn so they wiped out the initial messages about small blobs.
It was spamming messages about items like meat, stomach, egg_bird, egg_reptile (which were laying here and there after I foraged/butchered them) and also an item called hit_by_player (no idea what is that, but it happened when I was close to the pit).

Something (possibly that blob placement error) activated the debug mode. You can turn it off with a keybind, by default I think it’s shift+`, but you can rebind it in options.

Oh yeah, thanks. I turned the debug mode ON , then off and the messages stopped spamming. Still, they were spamming with Debug mode being set OFF. Not sure if that’s a bug or what.