DEBUG: Couldn't add a revived monster. Press spacebar

Can we please have an option to turn messages like this off? I’m getting really tired of having to hit spacebar every three steps.

I think you may need to move this subject on The Garage - Bug Reports and Technical Help…

I’m not complaining about the bug.

I’m talking about the fact that the game has to go “HEY DURR LOOK AT THIS” every single time it happens. Or every time an NPC doesn’t use all its moves. Or whatever. I just want to turn off these messages. If I wanted to see this kind of thing I’d have the debug log turned on.

I’m sure the programmers are glad you are not complaining, but the debug messages are there for a strange reason called bug detection. Move this topic to the Garage section and don’t forget to tell when and possibly why the bug occurred. With your input someone will fix this eventually.