No stamina on starting up the game, movement is -2000000 something, debug message void. Why god

So I’ve been waiting for this bug to get fixed for the past couple of days, but it’s still persisting, a debug message saying “void” will show up while loading the world, and once it does, my character has no stamina, the bar is completely empty and my speed is at -2000000 something. I’ve tried reloading previous builds and that doesn’t help, and I don’t have the computer expertise required to fix the problem myself. Is this an isolated incident to just me? Or are other people experiencing the same issue?

Build 10213 should have fixed that. open the game, go to settings/interface and make a minor change then save it, go back and revert it and save it then close the game, open the game again and load your save and see if it worked.

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