Some additions I think would be cool

I’m loving all the additions included so far, but there’s some things I often think would be awesome if implemented.

Ropes/Chains: There needs to be more uses for both. such as using a rope as a weapon to lasso a zombie or wild animal. The attach them to a tree or fence. An example would be to wrangle several deer and tie them up to a tree as bait. place traps around the area and wait for zombies to come and feast or you could pick them off while they are attacking the animals.

Use chains to drag other vehicles. Your riding down the road in your truck and spot a motorcycle. You want it, but it would mean leaving your truck. With a chain you could attach the two and pull it to the nearest garage.

Bombs: it would be cool to be able to combine different chemicals and nails,crushed glass, or other items would be awesome to use.

Water guns could be filled with gas or liquor, and when combined with a lighter or some type of flame and you have a flame thrower.

More varied buildings: it would e cool to see dentist/doctor offices in towns, vets(maybe even have wild animals caged up or other creatures lol), office buildings, and etc. Just different buildings to make the town feel more townie lol

Also would it be possible to have an area when you access the @ screen that describes your current state?

for instance if you have an infected bite, it would read something like this:

you shirt and jeans are a tattered mess and the bite on your left arm is swollen and green. infection has set in.

this is just a bland example but its a good example

I am pretty sure the image in my head differs from the one you intended.

Ok, lets do this step by step.

  1. Roping a dear to a tree wouldn’t to you much at the moment as zombies don’t attack (purposely making a hulk smash them not included) them but once monsters fight amongst themselves that would be a nice idea.

  2. If i chain a motorbike to the back of my truck and drag it through town while power sliding through hoards of zombies I personally expect that bike to be totalled or at the very least horribly damaged. That said, some way to move multiple vehicles like a tow truck would be awesome for parts runs.

  3. While not in the possess you mentioned we can make pipe bombs.

  4. We can also already make a flamethrower.

  5. More varied building types are planned. A quick note on the Vet clinic, normally animals left there wouldn’t be “wild” and most if not all of them would have starved if left in their cages. Could be a way to get a friendly dog that you don’t have to hand over to an npc.

  6. While we don’t have this (kind of reminds me of DF) we do get the same information from the conditions tab in the @ screen along clothing status in the inventory screen. Reposting both sets of information an extra time seams redundant.